Personal Development: Do You Need To Go Back To Basics?

When it comes to personal growth, the treasure trove of helpful information is endless, and wanting to soak up as much as possible is a noble use of our time for sure. There are so many angles, so many teachers, so many subjects to explore. We've got chakras, the law of attraction, breathing techniques, inner child work...the list could go on and on.

Different teachings and approaches resonate with different people, and it's good to explore different things to see what works best for you, what you can really connect with.

But much of what drives this desire is a continued feeling of being stuck or dissatisfied and we conclude we must not have stumbled upon the linchpin that will turn our whole life around. And we are continually on the hunt for that magic bullet.

The thing is, the keys to living a better life and really making positive change are quite simple. I believe there are some really great core nuggets of advice that form a strong foundation for our 'journey,' that really set the stage for meaningful transformation.

The problem is, we have heard them so much, they have become 'cliche.' They are nothing more than trite personal growth chatter we easily dismiss with an eyeroll.

Maybe our mind just thinks it can't be that easy; maybe we think we really have to earn our happiness by trying really hard to obtain it through ceaseless pursuit of information.

Maybe we are just super-resistant to the advice and are trying to find another way of going about things that is less uncomfortable. The reasons could go on.

And so we bypass them in search for something else. Or we give them some degree of credence, but as for actually implementing the wisdom in any real way, not so much.

You know the type of advice I'm talking about. Don't care what other people think. Follow your heart. Taking care of yourself means you are more useful to those who around you. Painful circumstances can be wonderful catalysts for growth and healing. There is a lesson in every obstacle. Your needs are just as important as anyone else's. Don't be afraid to follow your intuition. Don't hold other people responsible for how you feel. I think you get the picture.

All of that advice is really, really good advice. And we would be well-served to follow it. But again, cliched stuff we hear all the time so it is easy to gloss over it.

So if you are in a position where you feel stuck, feel unsure, feel like you don't know what to do to, feel like your 'efforts' at being the best version of you aren't bearing much fruit, or some other situation that is making you feel all icky, think for a moment if you need to go back to basics.

Is the key to turning things around pondering more deeply these nuggets of wisdom that get chucked to the side because you've 'heard it all before?' Is there some helpful guidance contained within that can be implemented into your life somehow that speaks directly to something with which you may be struggling at this moment?

Kelli Cooper is a coach specializing in the law of attraction. Check out her site Life Made to Order for a treasure trove of information on conscious creation, products, programs and information about her coaching services.