Personal Growth and Development

Personal development Tips


Here is a key Phrase "What you are becoming is what you attract". These are powerful words that can change your perspective on your path to success.

So beware what you are becoming, as to attract attractive people. You need to to become attractive.

Thanks to Jim Rohn, who has a unique philosophy on life and has great wisdom. Who has helped so many to invent their futures.

I will be sharing with you some philosophies of Jim Rohn. That has helped me on my journey and start an online business from home.

Here you will find some tools that can help you on your journey. If you are looking to start a new business and create more success in your life.

I have asked the key question many times before? "How does someone become successful"?
The wise teachers will say. "Successful people practice personal development daily". Follow successful people, find what books they are reading, what seminars they are attending and what audios they are listening to.

Practice Personal development daily


One of the most talked about subjects on creating success, when talking to successful people, is to have a form of personal development -- be a student.

Personal development will help you in your search to become a better person. And to be more attractive in the market place.

Learn skills that can increase your chances to create success. Key Phraze: What you become is what you attract.

I am going to talk about 3 major parts to personal development:

1. Physical, look after you body
2. Spiritual
3. Mental, feed you mind and grow every day

Treat your body like a temple:


Looking after your health is key, as how will you go for your goals, if you are not in great physical health. If you have great health then you have the strength, and vitality to go for your goals.

If you have a busy schedule it's important to look after your body. Eat well and fuel your body often.

Treat your body like a temple is a good phrase. The body and the mind work together so take care of the body, as if you have a strong spirit and week body, you might then not be able to go for your goals.

People will judge you by your appearance when they first meet you. So be mindful how you dress when going out into the market place.

Spiritual -- us human beings are special. The human race are special human beings, and some form of spirituality whatever you want to practice, is good nourishment for the sole.

Mental appetite -- what you feed your mind develops.


The mind must be nourished, go to the seminar, read the book, take the training and listen to the recordings feed your mind.

Stand guard at the door of your mind and be selective of what you let in. You will be the best filter and be a selective listener.

Have a menu for the mind of education. Learn the dangers and life's possibilities, the mind needs all the education. To learn the opportunities and to avoid the dangers.

Attend seminars, be a student, we all need this mental input. Load up your wagon of mental knowledge so you have mental food to feast on. Have a debate with yourself and be a student of the good and the bad.

Debate ideas with yourself, study bad and the good. Do not be afraid of a debate, something you believe in that gets challenged.

Put your ideas on debate as you can come up with something better. Attend meetings and seminars as you never know who you might meet. This might just be the life changing meeting or seminar.

Your future success is going to be your behavior. Be careful in your use of language as you do not want to isolate a chunk of your market place.

Personal development program


What does your television cost you? Not to buy it but to watch it? Owning a TV is cheap but watching it can be expensive.

Dress is important and your appearance. Get someone who is close to you and help you with some advice. And guide you on your personal appearance and manners. Not to be cynical but to help you.
Have style, look good that portrays you in the best light.

Posture is important, sit up straight and look at people when they talk to you.

Personal development ideas

Always eat before you go to the banquet, it's more of a social exercise and not an eating feast.
Meet people and talk to people.

Have a code of conduct, what do I want to accomplish? What do I want to be known for? Get a good reputation that will open doors and opportunities.

Key Phrase: I demand more of myself than anyone else.

Be a good student and start a library. Some good books that has helped me on my journey are.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, As a Man Thinkuth by James Allen, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carenegie.

Read books study then practice and teach.

Through Personal Growth and Development you can turn nothing into something.

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