Personhood Leader Shows How Gardner 'Stabbed Him in the Back'

Here's my favorite Halloween costume. I only wish I'd actually seen it.

Keith Mason is a founder of Personhood USA, which wants to ban all abortion, and common forms of birth control. I asked Mason if he'd be voting for senatorial candidate Cory Gardner.

Keith Mason @Keith1Mason
@BigMediaBlog what do you think? My costume this year is a knife in my back with a "cg" on the side....

We all know senatorial candidate Cory Gardner stabbed the personhood movement in the back, but who would think Mason, would illustrate the point so brilliantly by inserting a Cory-Gardner monographed knife in his own back?

I offered to buy Mason a beer if he'd send me a photo of his costume. Then I realized he'd probably want harder stuff, so I said I'd buy him shots in exchange for the pic. No response yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if he sent me the photo.

Mason hasn't held back expressing his feelings about Gardner, telling Cosmo a few months ago, for example, that "[Cory Gardner has] built his entire political career on support of personhood. I think he's just listening to some bad advice, and he's playing politics."

Or, put another way, Gardner, who supported personhood amendments until he started running for Senate, stabbed Mason and his hard-working personhood colleagues in the back, after they stood with Gardner throughout his political career.

Gardner's race against Sen. Mark Udall is considered a tossup.