Photography Perspectives and Tricks

Today in the blog I´m going to share some of my perspectives and the illusion it entails the photography. What are illusions? Illusions trick us into perceiving something differently than it actually exists, so what we see does not correspond to physical reality. some illusions show us one thing in a picture, while someone else sees something entirely different in the same picture.

As a photographer, I always look at the most secret corners, to seek more complex pictures of something so simple just like in the next photograph. Try not to look at photograph number two.





Two photographers can capture the same image but both can create two masterpieces in their own way. I put myself in the position of two photographers doing two photographs of the same scenario.

in picture number one, many can see a tunnel...or more things depending on the creativity and vision of the person. But actually, if you look at the picture two you can see that on the sides, as I portrayed the great rail from a corner to create the perspective of the picture number one.

As creatives sometimes we find the least common places and we have to look beyond that. We have to scout the area to imagine how the session will look with and without a model.

Without a model


With a model

2015-04-15-1429079376-5263717-mittie.jpg (Model: Mittie Roger)

Thanks for reading my post and analyzing my photos. Stay tuned for more, while I share my instagram feed where I share my cellphone snapshots

Remember analyze, observe and see beyond to reach creative images