Revelers Taunt Animals During Peru Bull Run Festival, The Inevitable Happens

Some people were reportedly drunk.

It stands to reason: You taunt bulls, you run the risk of getting hurt.

At least a dozen people learned that the hard way during a “running of the bulls” festival Sunday in Peru’s Huancavelica region, Reuters reported.

Most of their injuries happened during the “Jala Toro” act, when spectators taunt bulls being pulled by ropes, according to the wire service. Some of the victims were drunk, Reuters added, citing local reports.

In one graphic sequence in the video above, one man appears to be gored from behind and lifted by the bull. Another is charged and upended.

Revelers sustaining bodily harm is hardly surprising in these types of events. Last year’s iconic “running of the bulls” in Pamplona, Spain, resulted in 11 participants being goredFifteen have died in the Pamplona tradition since 1924, according to the Independent.

Animal rights groups protested the “cruelty and torture” inflicted on the bulls before last year’s Pamplona runs, HuffPost reported at the time. PETA noted that revelers are “oblivious to the fact that every single one of the terrified animals they chase through the cobbled streets will be dead a few days later after being stabbed to death in a bullfight.” 



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