Compassionate Policeman Stops Traffic To Save Stranded Kitten

And now the lucky kitty has a new home. 😻

Highways are dangerous places in general, but infinitely more so for defenseless baby animals.

So when a frightened kitten somehow got stuck on a busy section of highway in Lima, Peru, earlier this month, the policeman in the video below was a true godsend.

Lorena Castro, the woman who filmed the good deed, said she was about to get out of her car to retrieve the stray cat when Bryan Andahua, a Lima police officer showed up on his motorcycle.

"Stay in the car. I'll take care of it," he told her according to a HuffPost translation of a story from Peruvian newspaper El Comercio.

Andahua stopped the busy oncoming traffic, retrieved the kitten and brought it over to Castro. He refused a reward and then returned to his work, reports El Comercio.

Castro has now adopted the kitten, who she named "Polly Tana," a play on the name of Lima's bus transit system: El Metropolitano. And by the looks of Castro's Facebook, Polly Tana is safe, healthy and happy in her new home. 



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