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Pery Burge, Artist, Creates Mesmerizing Psychedelic Photo Series (PHOTOS) (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Inkplosion' And 'Lightscape' Images Not To Miss

British artist Pery Burge creates mesmerizing images that will take your breath away.

Using a Canon EOS 500D digital camera, her 'Inkplosions' are made with ink flowing through water, while her 'Lightscapes' capture the movement of light against glass.

But Burge doesn't stop there. Most recently the artist has begun working with another unexpected medium: soap films. Equally impressive, these images are made by setting up a film of soap and photographing the patterns as they develop.

The artist captures the experience in video posted on YouTube.


Burge said she stumbled upon the ink and water artform after developing a repetitive strain injury that forced her to stop painting. As for what inspires her unique work, Burge said she need look no further than the natural world.

"Nature is the best artist ... with a little help from me," Burge told The Huffington Post in an email.

Now an artist in residence at Exeter University, she's investigating "artistic flow visualization," collaborating with scientists who specialize in fluid dynamics, and using equipment in the lab to create these images.

If these spectacular images appeal to you, artist Mark Mawson's 'Aqueous' and 'Aqueous Fluoreau' series will certainly catch your eye.

Check out a selection of Pery Burge's photographs in the slideshow below.

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