Pet-Care Company Owner Kicks Dog On Video

A Chicago man has shut down his pet-care company after a video of him kicking an animal surfaced this week.

Jon Steinholt was the owner of Alone At Home Pet Care, a dog-walking and pet-sitting service. On Tuesday, camera footage captured him stepping on the paws of a beagle before kicking the small dog, CBS Chicago reports.

Steinholt's abuse was discovered by a doorman of the building where Alone At Home was located, according to WGNTV.

The dog's owner -- who did not want to be identified -- said Thursday she plans to file a police report, according to the New York Daily News.

"As you can imagine, I am extremely upset about this incident and the fact that I trusted [Steinholt] to come into my home and care for my dog on a regular basis for the last nine months," the owner said in a letter to other customers of the business, DNAInfo reports.

After the video was released, negative Yelp reviews of Alone At Home soon came pouring in.

On Wednesday, Steinholt sent an email to his former customers alerting them that his business was done, CBS Chicago reports.

“I am a despicable individual who did a horrible thing to a defenseless animal," Steinholt wrote. "I deserve all that I am now receiving. I am ashamed of my actions. ... Effective immediately, Alone At Home Pet Care is over.”