The Best Pet Halloween Costumes At Walmart

From a mermaid to a postal worker, here are eight adorable costumes perfect for your fur-baby.
Pet Halloween costumes from Walmart.
Pet Halloween costumes from Walmart.

Can we all just admit that Halloween is the best? First of all, candy. Secondly, costumes! And finally, pet costumes!! Your neighborhood cat in bat wings? Yes, please. A couples costume with your dog? Absolutely. A tiny cowboy hat for your four legged friend? Yes, tiny cowboy hats for all.

Costumes are such a blast, so you might as well get your pets in on the fun. Do they enjoy being dressed up in USPS uniforms or sherpa-lined denim jackets? The jury is out on that, but we absolutely do. From fierce animal costumes to high-end food looks to cool (you guessed it) cowboy hats, there are plenty of fur-baby-friendly costumes at Walmart this Halloween.

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Hey, mister postman
In my opinion, nothing is better than a Halloween costume that makes you laugh out loud — and your pooch dressed as a dogs’ mortal enemy will absolutely do the trick (or treat). This getup features a postal worker shirt equipped with faux arms holding a USPS priority shipping box and a cute cap to top it off. Your dog can't chase the mailman if he is a mailman! Made in 100% polyester, this costume is available in sizes XS-L.
The king of the jungle
Who doesn’t love an animal dressed as another animal? Throw this faux lion’s mane on your dog this Halloween so they can channel the king of the jungle. Reviewer Madget noted that they were “very happy with the product” and that “the medium size fit my [68-pound] boy just right.” This easy getup feels like a good jumping off point for a group or family theme costume. Gather a cast of animal kingdom favorites (might I suggest tigers and bears?) and you’ve got a winning ensemble.
A cool cowboy
If you want a versatile Halloween costume for your pooch, look no further. We’re envisioning a stylish sheriff, a rugged cowboy, a beloved country music legend or anything else you can dream up with this flexible, cool-dog Halloween look. The classic faux sherpa-lined jean jacket calls to mind a host of characters, from a certain duo of street-wise cops to Willie Nelson to cowboys on the mountain. Couple it with a pint sized cowboy hat to complete the look. Bonus: once the holiday has passed, you’ve got a stylish jacket on hand for your pup.
A cat in bat’s clothing
Looking for a classic costume for your pet this Halloween? Nothing beats a seasonal staple: a bat! This simple costume — just one velcro strap around the neck — is great for both cats and dogs. Five-star reviewer David notes that “the costume was easy to put on and our cat wasn't able to take it off himself” — definitely a bonus for high energy pets. A bat costume makes a nice building block for other classic Halloween companion looks (vampire and witch come to mind).
The furriest mermaid
With the new live action “Little Mermaid” soon to be released, you can jump on the topical bandwagon with this cute aquatic costume. Not only does this look have a shimmering green mermaid tail, it has a pink sparkly shell bra to match. This costume is available in a range of sizes, from S (the 11” neck is suited for miniature breeds like Chihuahuas) to XL (a 28” neck; Mastiffs and other large breeds are typically in this range). Bonus points if you can convince your pooch to wear a red wig.
A pop-punk skeleton
If your pet is in a too-cool-for-school teen phase and doesn’t want to dress up, the classic skeleton tee is the way to go. This low-lift costume is a classic for a reason: toss on a t-shirt and bam, instant Halloween look. Get yourself a matching tee, or better yet, make your own. Take the look one step forward and go full pop punk with a spiked dog collar, heavy side bangs and eyeliner (but obviously not on your pup). Avril Lavigne would be proud.
A cute crustacean
This onesie costume, complete with stuffed red claws, is sure to turn heads and get a few chuckles. “This costume is hilariously adorable!” reviewer NMJ66720 proclaims. Consider a lobster dinner look for your crew: why not dress yourself as a stick of butter or roll yourself in foil and go as a baked potato? One of many five-star reviewers, Eklypze79, noted that “this costume is put together very well and has several cute details such as the antennas. The straps are nice and thick so it stays on [my pet] while walking/running.”
A shark bite
We’ve all heard about baby shark — what about puppy shark? While it's highly unlikely that your beloved fur-child will ever cross paths with such a fearsome predator (we hope) this toothy bodysuit offers a silly (and ever-so-slightly traumatizing) sight gag. The one-piece costume is available in sizes S and M.

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