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10 Ridiculously Over-The-Top Pet Gifts For People Who Are Way Too Into Their Dogs (PHOTOS)

If humans look to personal flourishes to make a space their own, why should our canine companions settle for anything less? That's clearly what artist Kenya Hara (creative director for Japanese retailer Muji) had in mind when he sought to reinvent the doghouse and integrate it into the world of design last year.

The result (which we belatedly discovered via Fubiz.com): A set of structures designed by 12 architects called "Architecture For Dogs" that Hara says are aimed at changing "the way humans interact with their dogs.” Translation: Changing the way our pets live, i.e. better than us.

And Hara's project isn't the only proof. This year's roundup of holiday gifts for pets offers all the proof we need...

# Of Floors In Her Home: 2; # Of Floors In Yours: 1
Teacup Poodle Duplex DIY kit, architecturefordogs.com
He Can Pass For A Descendent Of Louis XIV
Victorian Pet Portraits, by Luke Jervis, $280, http://www.i-m.co/Jervis/jervis/home.html
His Twitter Account Is Verified
Puppy Tweets, $29.99, amazon.com
Everyday Life's A Beach (Or Like A Hammock On The Beach)
Bambú Hammock, $199, petloungestudios.com
His Food Dish Cost More Than Your TV
Nero Palladio Intrecciato VN Brushed Steel Dog Bowl, by Bottega Veneta, $640, bottegaveneta.com
Her Wallpaper Installation Speaks To Her -- Literally
Cats Wallpaper, by Baines & Fricker, $198, anthropologie.com
You've Signed Him Up For Yoga Class
Yep, there's something called "Doga" out there. These particular dogs don't look too impressed.
Her Travel Bag Is Upgrade-Ready
Louis Vuitton Monogram Dog Carrier, $2,530, louisvuitton.com
And The Cat Just Stares Back
Felines aren't immune to pet worship either, especially when they're living in a pyramid. Energy Pyramid Cat Home, $32, lovethybeast.com
OK, Cats Can Also Get Manicures Now
We wanted this list to be about dogs, but can you argue with cat pyramids and manicures? Soft Claws Seasonal Holiday Red & Green Cat Nail Caps, $21.99, petco.com

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