Make all your friends jelly

Unlike Beyonce, I think we're ready for this jelly.

Thanks to Jellyfish Art, a company now running a Kickstarter, your dream of owning a pet jellyfish could soon be a reality.

This not your daddy's fish tank. It's a sleek and modern cylinder, with an ever-changing, multicolor LED light at the bottom and a gentle air pump, to allow the marine life to flourish.

We asked Jellyfish Art about the tank's construction:

Water flow is key. Jellies are like a wet ball of tissue floating around in the tank. If they get close to a filtration intake in a regular fish tank, they would get sucked in and badly mangled. They're made up of over 90% water so they're very delicate. The water flow in the tank is designed to have a very gentle outflow spread out over a large surface area.... Our design is the first commercially available cylindrical design.

We tested it out. The setup was simple. All the supplies, excluding the water, were provided and supplemented with directions and a how-to video. The tank was up and running in barely 15 minutes.

The next day our jellies arrived in the mail. We released our gelatinous friends into their new home and watched them pulsate around. Check it out:

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