Admit It, All You Do Is Take Pictures Of Your Pet

Admit It, All You Do Is Take Pictures Of Your Pet (SUBMIT YOUR OWN)

Waking up is SO much better when you do it with a "cat alarm clock," and sometimes our only respite from this dog-eat-dog world is coming home to slobbery kisses and wagging tails.

Our four-legged friends make our day, every day. If you're anything like us, your pet has nuzzled his or her way into your heart and subsequently your phone's photo album...which they now, well, completely dominate.

Time to free up some storage space and share your adorable pet pictures with the world. We've partnered with PetSmart to bring you this list of reasons pets make our days a little brighter. Tell us why your furry (or scaly) friend brings you joy on Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #inspiredbypets and we'll add our favorites to the bottom of this list.*

And not to fuel your competitive spirit or anything...but, the pet pictures with the most social shares will win a place at the front of the slideshow.

"Despite being just 6 months old, Miss Lola Bea is proving to be extremely gifted in the field of medicine (watch out Dr Quinn and Doogie Howser). Here she is checking her Dad's pulse after he came down with a horrible ear and throat infection that kept him bed ridden the entire weekend. Lola stayed right by his side the entire time."-Tessa Gould
"If that face doesn't make your day, what will?" -Shelby Leigh Streimer
"There's nothing that warms my heart more than cat kisses--but especially rewarding, is watching my 1-year-old Bengal cat, Frankie, and her 4-month old little brother, Carmelo, give each other smooches."-Sara Wald
"Shelly makes our day because no matter if it's been 5 minutes or 5 hours since she's seen us, the greeting is the same...beyond happiness! Even if we've had a tough day, seeing her waiting at the door with her tail wagging and that face makes it all better!"-Keri Smyth
"My cat 'Nightmare' makes my day by posing in the funniest places without even knowing that they're hilarious - like working at my computer, sitting like a statue inside my closet, or laying next to the money I had spread out when I washed it in the laundry by accident." -Danielle Page
"Wilson and Lucy are always so happy to see me at the end of the day! She's the 10-pound terror and he's a pile of mush. Love them!"-Dale Van Dommelen
"I can't imagine my life without Maggie Mae. Never married and with no children, having this darling toy poodle has changed my life. Thanks to Maggie I was able to launch another career writing from her point of view. Maggie Mae has traveled with me and is the best company on vacations. She has such an outgoing social personality and attracts interesting people which is a plus for a writer like me. "-Ronni Diamonstein
"Kobe makes my day because he loves to cuddle!" -Donna Maisano
"My dog Macgyver spreads cheer everyday not just on the holidays" -Andrea Grossman
"When I was growing up, nothing made me smile as easily or instantly as this face. There are few things more wonderful than a cat who loves you."-Mohini Kundu
"With three older sisters who no longer live at home--college, working in NYC, relocating abroad--the house was too quiet and lonely for my youngest brother... until Luna came along. The BFFs--he refers to as "the baby sister he never had"--are attached-at-the-hip 24/7."-Brittanie Thompson
"Milly has unbridled enthusiasm for almost everything in her life, so it's hard to be around her and be in a bad mood. Total strangers constantly come up to her and something about her makes them smile (especially when she's in the sidecar), which makes me smile." --Clementine Winny

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