Pet Science Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Science Of Your Pet?

OK, so you know a lot about your pet. For instance, you know how he loves getting that spot -- yes, that one -- on his belly scratched. You know how he always manages to take up the whole bed by morning (no matter where he started the night). And you probably know by now how cucumbers are among his greatest nemeses. (Seriously, though, everyone needs to stop scaring their cats right now.)

But beyond the daily routine, with its undeniable moments of cuteness, it's important to remember that each of our pets is a complex, intelligent being that has evolved for millennia in tandem with humans. How well do you know the science of your pets? Test your knowledge of pet-a-lytics, brought to you by Purina's annual Better With Pets Summit.

Background photo credit: Found Animal Foundation.

As you probably just discovered, pet science isn't easy. Luckily, the experts at Purina are here to help. Every year at the Purina Better With Pets Summit, Purina gathers the biggest minds and biggest names in pet science to present the newest on the bond between pets and their humans. Go, read and learn a new trick or two.