Pet Shop Boys Roast Donald Trump With New Satirical Song 'Give Stupidity A Chance'

The synth-pop duo's latest track takes aim at "the poor quality of political leadership in the modern world."

The Pet Shop Boys are back with a brand-new song that takes aim at political leaders in the era of President Donald Trump.

“Give Stupidy A Chance” is “a satirical song about the poor quality of political leadership in the modern world,” according to the British synth-pop duo’s frontman Neil Tennant.

It begins:

“Intelligent people have had their say,

It’s time for the foolish to show the way,

Let’s lead this world a merry dance,

Let’s give stupidity a chance.”

There’s also a pointed dig at Trump from Tennant and bandmate Chris Lowe with a subtle reference to his disgusting hot mic comments about women on the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape from 2005:

“Forget political correctness, let’s talk man to man,

Chicks are always up for it, you gotta grab whatever you can,

We need a leader who knows that money means class,

With an eye for a peach-perfect piece of ass,

Not a total dumb-cluck, just one of the guys, let’s give stupidity a prize.”

Check out the song here:

The Pet Shop Boys, whose hits from the 1980s and 1990s include “West End Girls,” “It’s A Sin” and “Go West,” shared the song’s lyric video to YouTube on Tuesday.

It’s from new EP “Agenda,” which also features this critique of the internet called “On Social Media.”