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Man Replaces Pet Store Signs With What We're All Really Thinking

If more ads were brutally honest like these, we'd all be better for it.

The awesome Internet guy behind Pleated Jeans, Jeff Wysaski -- and one of HuffPost's Funniest Tumblr Bloggers -- plays one of our new favorite games: He replaces normal products and signage with items that only folks like us who spend way too much time on the Internet understand and appreciate.

In the latest antic featured on his Tumblr page, Obvious Plant, Wysaski replaces his local pet shop's signs with new, knee-slappin' descriptions.

Looking to buy a turtle? Wysaski calls it a "Regular Boring Normal Turtle" that is "not teenaged, not mutant, not ninja." Can you not see any fish in the shop's tank? That's because it's inhabited by an "Invisible Jenny" that could use a few "tiny sweaters."

Look at some of Wysaski's best below, and make sure to check out all of his work.

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