Pet Store Switches Animals for Shelter Pets

A pet store in Brazil, decided to perform an experiment. What would happen if they put shelter pets in place of the regular animals for sale. Would this help more shelter animals find homes, by making them seem like pets for sale?


The store replaced all of their pets for sale with pets for adoption. But didn't tell anyone. All those who thought they were getting a pricey pet, would in fact be getting a shelter pet.

Families and people came into the store as usual, and some wanted an animal they immediately fell in love with, while others simply wanted to look. The surprise came when those who wanted to purchase a pet went to pay, the store employees wouldn't accept their money.

Shelter pets do not have expensive fees, those who went to purchase instead got to walk out with the pet of their dreams, with extra cash in pocket.

What a great experiment, to help get shelter animals in front of more people and show they are equal to expensive pets. Now if we could only get shelter pets in front of more people and find them all homes.

Watch the video here