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Petal The 'Squitten' Sits Like A Squirrel, Is Adorable (PHOTOS)


Petal the kitten sits like a squirrel -- and it's nuts how cute she is.

The 5-month-old cat has a genetic deformity called radial hypoplasia, which means that she has no bones lower than the elbow joint in her front legs, the Daily Mail reported.

Cats with radial hypoplasia are known as "squittens" because when resting, they often sit back back on their hind legs in a pose that resembles a squirrel.

While Petal is cute, radial hypoplasia is a serious condition. Though RH is not fatal, cats who suffer from it typically need special care for their entire lives, according to Sarah Hartwell's article on The condition may or may not be painful for the cat, depending on the severity.

SEE PHOTOS OF PETAL (Story Continues Below):

Petal The 'Squitten'

Petal lives with her owner, 35-year-old Kerry Bowler, in West Yorkshire, England. Bowler adopted Petal from the Yorkshire Cat Rescue after seeing photos of the gray fluff ball on the rescue center's Facebook page.

A friend of Bowler's sent her a link to the photos because Bowler already had one cat, Honey, with a similar condition.

Bowler says the two cats have become "firm friends" and Petal is doing well, according to the Daily Mail. She added that the two have regular vet check-ups to make sure they are experiencing no health complications.

Staff at Yorkshire Cat Rescue believe Petal's deformity was the result of inbreeding, according to the organization's website. Petal was born at the shelter after her pregnant mother, Poppet, was brought by someone who could no longer care for her.

“This is a very special little kitten," Yorkshire Cat Rescue founder Sara Atkinson says on the shelter's website. "Not just because she looks like a squirrel and squeaks like a bird. Her attitude to life is astonishing. In her mind, she is just like any other kitten so who are we to tell her otherwise!”

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