Pete Buttigieg And Husband Chasten Are 'First Family' On Time Magazine Cover

The pair presents the prospect of the first same-sex couple in the White House.

Was Time gazing into a crystal ball or merely playing on words?

The magazine featured presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and his husband, Chasten, on the May 13 cover with the headline, “First Family.”

The article, posted Thursday, explores the right wing’s fear of Buttigieg as a legitimate contender among more than 20 Democratic hopefuls. But it also raises doubts about the South Bend, Indiana, mayor’s manner as “a healer, not a fighter, at a moment when the party seems to be in a fighting mood.”

“People already have a leader who screams and yells,” Buttigieg told Time. “How do you think that’s working out for us?”

As for his marriage, Time dishes on, well, the dishes. Buttigieg does them, plus the laundry and garbage. Chasten takes care of the dogs, the kitchen and shopping.

If those two get to the White House as the first same-sex couple, they can probably ease up on the household chores.