Pete Buttigieg Wants Matt Damon To Play Him In The Movies

The Democratic presidential candidate said the actor who was Jason Bourne could probably do a good job portraying him in a biopic.

Although President Donald Trump tried unsuccessfully to lampoon Pete Buttigieg as the image of Mad Magazine mascot Alfred E. Neuman, the Democratic presidential candidate pointed to another famous face when asked who could portray him on film.

Now This News recently asked the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, 20 questions from all across the spectrum, one of them being who should play him in a movie.

The man known as “Mayor Pete” needed a second to think, but quickly figured out the answer.

“Let’s go with Matt Damon. I think he could do a good job,” Buttigieg said.

Although the 48-year-old Damon is 11 years older than Buttigieg, you can see the resemblance here. 

Buttigieg wasn’t afraid to take tough positions on other issues, either.

For instance, on the question of whether a hot dog is really a sandwich, he said, “It clearly is not” ― and admitted he’s taken a lot of heat on the matter.

Buttigieg also said “Hotel California” used to be his go-to karaoke song, “but it turns out, it’s pretty long for karaoke.”

You can see how he answered all 20 questions in the video below.