Pete Davidson's Tatted Up 'Joe Biden' From 'Real Universe' Sets President Straight On 'SNL'

"The timeline you are living in is about to collapse," Davidson explains to James Austin Johnson and "reporters."

James Austin Johnson’s Joe Biden spun seriously wacky on the “Saturday Night Live” cold open to blame the nation’s COVID problems — repeatedly — on Spider-Man.

“There’s one simple thing you can do to make this whole virus go away,” he said in a speech to the nation as reporters watched. “Stop seeing ‘Spider-Man.’”

“Think about it — when did ‘Spider-Man’ come out? Dec. 17. When did every single person get omicron? The week after Dec. 17.”

The best news: In the Spider-Man multiverse, that’s not the real Joe Biden.

A white-haired, sunglass-wearing Pete Davidson popped in to announce that he’s “Joe Biden from the real universe.”

He explained to Johnson and reporters that the “timeline you are all living in is about to collapse. It was created as a joke starting in 2016 when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Now it’s spiraled out of control and could explode at any minute.”

“Am I the president in this real world?” Johnson’s Biden asked.

Davidson smirked: “Of course not. Did you really think that you would lose four times and then finally win when you were 78?”

Check it out in the video clip up top.

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