Pete Davidson Steps Out With Rumored New Love Interest At Venice Film Festival

His latest reported girlfriend has Hollywood roots.

Pete Davidson may be off the market once again. 

The “Saturday Night Live” comedian, who split from fiancée Ariana Grande last year and was later linked to actor Kate Beckinsale, was spotted with his rumored new love interest in Italy at the Venice Film Festival.

Davidson, 25, is reportedly dating actor Margaret Qualley, 24, who is the daughter of “Groundhog Day” star Andie MacDowell. HuffPost reached out to reps for both Davidson and Qualley but didn’t immediately hear back. 

Qualley has quite a few credits to her name, including Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” the HBO series “The Leftovers” and the FX show “Fosse/Verdon.” She was at the festival to promote her latest film, “Seberg,” a political thriller that also stars Kristen Stewart and Vince Vaughn. 

Davidson and Qualley were expected to walk the “Seberg” red carpet together at the film’s festival premiere on Friday, according to Us Weekly, but instead showed up separately. He sat behind her at the screening. 

Anthony Mackie, Pete Davidson and Margaret Qualley attend the "Seberg" screening during the 76th Venice Film Festival at Sala
Anthony Mackie, Pete Davidson and Margaret Qualley attend the "Seberg" screening during the 76th Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande on Aug. 30. 
Another look at the reported couple. 
Another look at the reported couple. 

On Sunday, the two were snapped leaving their hotel together in Venice. 

An anonymous source told Us Weekly that Davidson and Qualley have “been seeing each other for a couple of months and Margaret is really excited about him.” 

Prior to his latest dating news, the “Staten Island” star made headlines for calling a crowd of University of Central Florida students “privileged little assholes” for having their phones out while he performed a standup set. 

“Don’t fucking ruin the show for people who actually want to be here,” Davidson shouted in a video taken by an audience member. He urged the crowd to “fucking grow up, OK.”

“It says no phones,” he added. “I have to have my fucking boy patrol you guys like you’re 5 years old? That’s fucking embarrassing.”

The comedian continued to swear at the students as some of them laughed. 

“Don’t you want adults to respect us? Don’t you want your parents to, like, be proud of you? You know how fucking embarrassing it is to be our age and walk out and know everybody thinks you’re a fucking idiot? Grow the fuck up,” he said.

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