'SNL' Cast Member Claims Trump Faked A Bizarre Phone Call During Rehearsals

Pete Davidson said the future president answered a phone that didn't ring.

Saturday Night Live” cast member Pete Davidson claims President Donald Trump faked a congratulatory phone call during rehearsals for his November 2015 hosting appearance.  

“He was like, ‘Hello,’” Davidson said, mimicking the call. “He goes, ‘Oh, fantastic. OK, great.’ And then he hung up and he goes, ‘Hey, everybody! My book just went number one.’”

Davidson told Complex’s “Open Late” that the call seemed fishy. 

“I swear on my life, we were all, like, ‘Yo, that phone didn’t ring,’” he said.

Another cast member had a different recollection of the moment. 

“During the table read, [Trump] stopped the table read in the middle the sketch to take a three-minute phone call to hear about his book becoming number one and announced it to everybody at the time,” Taran Killam told Larry King last year.

Killam, who often portrayed Trump on the show, also said the future president “didn’t have a great sense of humor” and was “stiff” on-air with no natural sense of timing. 

Trump’s 2015 book, Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again, debuted at number 5 on The New York Times best-seller list. 



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