Fox News Host Mocked For Bonkers Defense Of Trump's Praise For Putin

Pete Hegseth cooked up a weird new explanation for the ex-president's effusive praise of the Russian leader.

Donald Trump has repeatedly praised and defended Russian President Vladimir Putin, but to one Fox News host, it’s just a game meant to troll the media.

On Tuesday, Pete Hegseth said Putin “lives rent-free” in the minds of the U.S. media.

“No organism, no entity, has done more to spread Russian propaganda and to prop up the strawman that is Vladimir Putin than our very own media,” Hegseth said hours after Trump praised Putin’s actions in Ukraine as “genius” and “savvy.”

Trump, Hegseth suggested, didn’t really mean it. He was just toying with the media.

Donald Trump was happy to troll them on it as he continues to do to this moment,” Hegseth said. “Because they can’t resist it, and they’ll obsess over it.”

Hegseth claimed the media was working to spread Russian propaganda on the same network where fellow Fox News host Tucker Carlson has repeatedly defended Putin, aired Kremlin talking points and touted pro-Russia conspiracy theories.

Trump is only too happy to defend Putin, as he has for years, which made Hegseth’s insistence that the ex-president was merely trolling the media seem more than a little insincere, as many pointed out on Twitter:

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