Pete Holmes To Follow Conan O'Brien? Talk Show Pilot In Development At TBS

Conan O'Brien's production company is developing a pilot for a new late night program hosted by comedian Pete Holmes intended to follow "Conan" on TBS, reports Vulture citing sources close to the show.

Holmes, 33, was named one of Variety's 10 Comics to Watch in 2011, and has hosted the popular interview podcast "You Made it Weird" since October of last year. Audiences may know his face best from VH1's "Best Week Ever" and for his Comedy Central appearances, but many are already familiar with what he sounds like -- he voices the eTrade baby in the company's popular commercials.

HuffPost Comedy named Holmes as a standout performer at this year's South By Southwest festival, largely due to a live "You Made it Weird" featuring Judd Apatow, so we're pretty pleased to hear this news. (Also, we take issue with Vulture describing Holmes' comedy as "cynical," which we all know is Conan's least favorite quality. As anyone who has listened to his podcast or seen him perform knows, Holmes' effusive energy and wit that derives from unironic joy makes him about as optimistic a comedian as they come.)

In addition to stand-up comedy, Holmes has background in TV writing, something he shares with O'Brien.

Ever since "Lopez Tonight" was canceled nearly a year ago, the midnight spot after "Conan" has been filled by reruns. This will be the first talk show O'Brien's company, Conaco, has developed. If the show is picked up, the pairing would be much in the same vein as David Letterman's production company Worldwide Pants producing "The Late Late Show."

Conaco also currently produces "Eagleheart" on Adult Swim in addition to "Conan." They are also working on "Deon Cole's Black Box," a video clip show starring Cole, a writer and performer on "Conan," set to debut in 2013.

Holmes has appeared on "Conan" twice performing stand-up comedy, and also hosts the stand-up/interview series "After Hours" on Team Coco, perhaps to prep him for his new role as TV talk show host. Not much else is known about the new show, but Vulture says it will be half an hour, and the pilot will tape in mid-August.

We'll report more as we learn new developments about this show.



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