Pete Rose Stars In Commercial With Kiana Kim For Muenchen's Furniture (VIDEO)

Pete Rose, Kiana Kim Get Comfy In New Furniture Ad?

Pete Rose certainly doesn't knock it out of the park in a local spot for Muenchen's Furniture, outlets seem to agree.

AdWeek calls the new commercial and companion ad "awesomely awkward, sublimely stilted." And Rose's Playboy model fiancee, Kiana Kim, isn't spared criticism from the publication, either.

AdWeek said Kim, who starred with the banned baseball great in a now-canceled TLC reality show, was "overemoting in the last seconds of her 15 minutes of fame."

Yahoo!, while giving a nod to Rose's "more nuanced" work in an Aqua Velva ad during his playing days, joked that the chubby ex-Red must have worked hard to avoid eating the prop doughnut in his latest endorsement.

NBC Sports didn't praise the duo as the next Gable and Lombard either.

"Try to imagine how many takes were required to get that level of performance," the network cracked.

What was our take? Both were as wooden as the furniture, but we'll take that recliner.

Watch the commercial above, and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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