Pete Rose Says He Gave Joe DiMaggio A Shower, Then Praises His Penis

The two were visiting U.S. troops during the Vietnam War when the Yankee Clipper needed help from the all-time hit king to bathe.

Baseball greats Pete Rose and Joe DiMaggio never played in the majors at the same time, but they teamed up once in an odd situation.

Rose, baseball’s all-time hit king, told a funny anecdote about the time he gave the Yankee Hall of Famer a shower when they were visiting the troops together in Vietnam during the war there. He apparently was referring to a 1967 USO-sponsored trip featuring baseball stars.

It was so hot, nobody could sleep, Rose, 78, recalled to WFAN radio host Mike Francesa in a clip (watch below) posted Tuesday.

“All of a sudden, Joe says, ’I gotta take a shower, ” Rose remembered. “I said, ‘Joe, we’re not in downtown Saigon, we’re in the damn middle of the jungle.’ He says, ‘I don’t give a darn, I’m Joe DiMaggio, I gotta take a shower.’ ”

But the Yankee Clipper needed Rose’s help.

“The only way you can take a shower there is, a guy had to get up on a chair — me — have a bucket of water, pour it into this canvas tank, pull the chain and the guy underneath took a shower,” said Rose, the former Cincinnati Reds star and manager. “I gave Joe DiMaggio a shower.”

Then Rose gave an unsolicited appraisal of Joltin’s Joe’s junk. “The best way to describe Joe DiMaggio is he was a penis with a man hanging from it,” he said.

Rose, who is promoting a new book, “Play Hungry: The Making of a Baseball Player,” is banned from baseball for life for gambling. But stories like this (which he has told before) make us glad he isn’t banned from the talk-radio circuit.

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