Pete Sessions: Mitt Romney's 2012 Run Resembled A Kid Who Couldn't Explain His Science Project

Six months removed from his 2012 presidential election loss, Mitt Romney is still under fire.

In an interview earlier this week with D Magazine, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) became the latest critic. Asked to discuss the Republican Party's struggles as a whole, Sessions singled out Romney as an example of what has recently plagued the GOP's chances.

“Mitt Romney appeared like a kid who showed up for his science project and the teacher said, ‘Explain it,’ and Mitt couldn’t do it,” Sessions said. “His ‘dad,’ Paul Ryan, explained it to him, but Mitt didn’t get it. … That’s why we lost the last election.”

What a difference a year makes. Back in April 2012, Sessions endorsed Romney for president, stressing that Republicans needed to stand behind one candidate.

"The Republican Party must unite behind the one candidate who can lead our party, win in November, and put in place conservative pro-growth policies to restart our economy," he said.

In May 2012, Sessions appeared confident that Romney would do more to help the GOP than just win the presidency. Serving as chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), Sessions suggested to PBS that Republicans vying for their House seats stood to profit as well.

"One hundred percent of Republican candidates for the House would will be pleased and energized [to campaign with Romney]," Sessions said. "We have a strong contingency of people who not only early on endorsed Mitt Romney but also are philosophically in line with much of his thinking."

Neither prediction came true last November. Romney lost the presidential election by nearly five million popular votes and 126 electoral votes. While Republicans maintained control of the House, Democrats picked up eight seats in the process.



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