Pete Townshend: 'Who I Am' Memoir Was Easy To Write Thanks To Booze

The Who Guitarist On The 'Picklement' That Helped Him Write His Memoir

The Who songwriter and guitarist Pete Townshend sat down with comedian Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" to talk about his new memoir, "Who I Am."

Stewart skipped discussing the darker chapters of Townshend's life -- including childhood sexual abuse and a 2003 accusation of accessing child pornography, which made him a registered sex offender -- to talk about his writing process, especially in light of his heavy participation in that holy rock trifecta: sex, drugs and rock and roll.

"This book... is very thick," Stewart deadpans. "How hard is it for a rock star who has lived the life that you have lived to remember this? And how much of this do you believe really happened?"

Townshend response: "My memory is really good, especially when I drank a lot."

To hear more about just how Townshend pieced together the hazier moments of The Who's tour dates, watch the video above, and to see part two of the interview -- where Townshend shares how post 50s influence his songwriting process today, visit "The Daily Show."

CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this story, the title of Pete Townshend's book was listed incorrectly as "Who Am I." It is titled "Who I Am."

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