Pete Wentz BEGGED Ashlee Simpson To Stay Before Divorce: Source

So this split may not have been so "amicable" after all.

When Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson announced their divorce on Wednesday after three years of marriage, it seemed that it was a friendly decision. "It's very amicable. They're on very friendly terms and speaking - it's fine," a source close to the couple told PEOPLE Magazine.

Not so fast, says TMZ. According to their sources, Wentz is "getting divorced against his will," and did not want the marriage to end. He tried to talk her out of it, but obviously, Simpson moved ahead with the split.

The pair have a son, two-year old Bronx Mowgli. Despite any controversy, they've promised to make him their number one priority. It's a sad end for what was a fairy tale marriage -- literally. The pair wed at an "Alice In Wonderland" themed wedding in 2007.

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