Peter Acworth Arrested: Founder Charged With Drug Possession During Firearms Search, Releases Statement

Peter Acworth, founder and CEO of the world's largest fetish porn company, has made headlines with his community outreach, James Franco documentary and unwavering defense of alternative sexuality. But some of the happenings at Kink may finally be beyond the pale.

Earlier this month, Acworth was arrested for cocaine possession and delaying arrest while police searched for illegal firearm activity at his 200,000-square-foot Moorish castle/production facility, the Armory.

Police were searching the Armory after a YouTube video allegedly showed people firing guns inside the building in a makeshift shooting range. The historic Armory, a former National Guard facility, does feature an indoor shooting range in its basement.

SFPD Officer Albie Esparza told The Huffington Post that officers did find firearm-related evidence, but no gun charges have yet been filed against Acworth. Esparza said the evidence was being passed along to the District Attorney's office.

"They'll make the decision," he said.

Officers did, however, file charges for cocaine possession and delaying arrest during the search.

HuffPost contacted Acworth and his attorney for comment:

"This is a business that Peter has run for over 15 years without incident," said Acworth's attorney Michael Stepanian to HuffPost. "There were no gun charges at all. This charge amounts to $60 dollars worth [of cocaine]. It will be handled as quickly and expeditiously as possible."

HuffPost also acquired an exclusive statement from Acworth:

I am proud of what we do at We employ 130 people and have worked hard to create beneficial change in the neighborhood. While this current attention is regrettable, we will continue our endeavors to be positive contributors to the neighborhood and city of San Francisco.