Peter Benedict St. Andrews: Sacramento Kings Season Review

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"The countdown begins for DeMarcus Cousins to leave Sacramento, or will he pull a Tim Duncan?

Peter Benedict St. Andrews Wonders...Will the Sacramento Kings Fare Better This Season?

In other NBA news, the Sacramento Kings still has everyone scratching their heads. Why aren't they building a team around their star player? Do they owe DeMarcus Cousins an apology for wasting his youth? Granted, last season may have turned out better than expected—the Kings had 33 wins!—but that's hardly the stuff that keeps star players loyal. Let's face it; basketball is now just as much about business and salaries as it is about playing and representing the city. There are few candidates that will probably pull a Tim Duncan, and I don't blame them one bit.

Back to the Kings, I think the biggest issue is that their decisions give the appearance of carelessness, and that's being kind. Public sentiment has everyone agreeing that management has no clue on what do with a team full of big men in a league dominated by small ball. Browsing their roster, it's hard to guess what their plan is, if they even have one. We know that Cousins only has two years left on his contract, and given the last few years, all intelligent guesses lead to his eventual departure from Sacramento. You can practically imagine him muttering good riddance on his way out

This season, the Kings will have to play like their franchise is about to be removed. Because at the rate they're going, they might as well be heading there. As for Sacramento and Cousins, I might have to retract my words and say I'm actually a Cousins fan more than a Sacramento fan, in which case this blog is my way of telling Cousins: pull a Durant, leave the team that drafted you and never look back, buddy.

Are you catching any of the games this season? I've been meaning to score tickets for Dubs Nation but no luck yet; fingers and toes crossed!

"The countdown begins for DeMarcus Cousins to leave Sacramento, or will he pull a Tim Duncan? Visit Peter Benedict St. Andrews to learn more."