Peter Berg On Israeli TV: 'What The F*** Is Going To Happen To Israel?'

WATCH: 'Battleship' Director Goes Off On Israel

Peter Berg, the creator of beloved show "Friday Night Lights," recently appeared on Israeli TV to promote his new action movie "Battleship," which looks on target to be slightly less beloved. But his interview, which is embedded above, quickly veers away from "Battleship" and into more controversial waters.

Specifically, Berg was concerned about the state of his interviewer Jason Danino-Holt's home country and its gamesmanship with Iran.

"What the f--k is going to happen in Israel?," he asks. He mentions that he's concerned about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's militaristic rhetoric -- and offers some policy analysis of his own:

It’s a real mess, because you’ve gotta decide whether it’s better to allow Iran to be armed, and whether a nuclear Iran is less of a threat than an attacked Iran. If you attack Iran now, they’re gonna fight you back, right? There’s gonna be blood. Israelis will die, right? No question.

The strangest part of the interview, though, comes immediately afterwards, when Berg confronts 25-year-old Danino-Holt about the fact that he hasn't joined the military.

Berg accuses Danino-Holt of being a draft dodger, and tells him, "You gotta join the army, motherf--ker!"

Danino-Holt says its a complicated issue, but Berg presses him to explain how he got out of mandatory service. Danino-Holt refuses, upsetting Berg and making everyone watching the video feel extremely awkward.

This might be a sign that Peter Berg should stay behind the camera in the future -- or at least make sure to get plenty of rest the next time he's on an international press tour.

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