Peter De Cupere's 'Blind Smell Stick' Helps You Find Your Way Using Your Nostrils (PHOTOS)

Artist's 'Blind Smell Stick' Guides Your Nose

Peter De Cupere defines himself as an olfactory artist, giving special attention to that oft-overlook sense that makes us nostalgic, nauseated and hungry (sometimes all at once). We fell in love with the Belgian artist's fragrant oeuvre earlier this year when we featured his works, which included a toothpaste-covered room, an olfactory piano and a dance examining body odor. De Cupere's newest art project brings the power of smell to urban environments via a contraption he calls a "Blind Smell Stick."

Peter De Cupere with his "Blind Smell Stick"

Peter De Cupere

The "Blind Smell Stick," which De Cupere defines as a "smell concept," takes the idea of a walking stick and turns it into an olfactory aid. See the artist take his concept out for a test drive through city streets, restaurants and even an unsuspecting bikini bod in the slideshow above. The stick is able to pick up smells through a bulb at the bottom embedded with holes, which travel up the stick via mini ventilators, eventually ending up in a "special tube" connected to goggles. While scent is normally an afterthought of exploring a destination, De Cupere's handy device brings scent into the forefront of consciousness when traveling.

The artist bluntly described his mission in an e-mail to The Huffington Post : "It can help blind people to find their way, or to prevent that they walk in a shit (they can smell it before)." The scent-savvy artist also crafted the "Blind Smell Touch," a creepy looking white glove that enables you to smell whatever you wave it over, or terrify small children and the elderly.

De Cupere will present his "Blind Smell Stick" at the World Creativity Biennale in Rio de Janeiro, which runs from November 21-25. Visitors of the exhibition are welcome to try out the special stick while there.

Would you ever trust your nose to guide the way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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