Peter Dill Celebrations: Seton Hall Basketball Reserve Enthusiastic On Bench (VIDEO)

Seton Hall Reserve Has An Awesome Way Of Showing Team Spirit

There is team spirit, and then there is whatever Peter Dill has for Seton Hall.

The walk-on basketball player for the Pirates has played just four minutes through the team's first 15 games this season, but the stat sheet doesn't seem to convey his true value to the sport itself -- Peter Dill is a master celebrator. Don't believe us? Watch the video above.

Despite not setting foot on the court during live game action, Dill managed to steal the show during Seton Hall's upset of Connecticut on Tuesday night. Every time Seton Hall made a good play, ESPN camera's caught Dill doing a different celebration that would make even the most histrionic professional wrestlers proud.

He may very well be our new favorite college mascot and we look forward to more of his innovations as the season progresses. In the mean time, be on the look out for a "Thor's Hammer" celebration in a rec basketball gymnasium near you.

And on a side note, Dill scored the first and (so far) only basket of his career against N.J.I.T last month. Hopefully his teammates repaid him by celebrating wildly for that bucket.


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