Peter Dinklage Might've Spit His Gum Into Wife's Mouth Before Accepting His Emmy

The mysterious case of Peter Dinklage's disappearing gum.

Peter Dinklage's wife might've really taken one for the team at the Emmys Sunday night.  

When his name was called as the winner of Best Supporting Actor for playing Tyrion Lannister, the "Game of Thrones" star looked quite surprised. He leaned over to kiss his wife not once, but twice before going to accept his award.

The folks over at Distractify pointed out that there may have been more to the kiss than just affection: Dinklage might have given his wife the gum he was chewing before heading onstage.  

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When the 46-year-old got to the microphone, he admitted he was caught a bit off-guard. 

"I wasn't prepared at all," he said. "I was even chewing gum." 

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