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Peter Dinklage Leaving 'Game Of Thrones' And More TV-Inspired April Fools' Day Pranks

Oh, April Fools' Day, you get us every year. While it's true that the 24-hour news cycle stops for no man (or holiday), we can't help but be suspicious of every story that breaks on April 1, especially when many networks and news sites get into the spirit of the occasion with phony press releases and misleading tweets to really sell the pranks.

One of the most cruel April Fools' jokes we've come across today involved Peter Dinklage leaving "Game of Thrones", which is such a traumatic thought that we can't even laugh about it.

Hulu's adorable nod to the day involved promoting some of our favorite fictional shows-within-shows, including "Community's" "Inspector Spacetime," "How I Met Your Mother's" cheesy "Space Teens with Robin Sparkles" and "Parks and Recreation's" news show, "Ya Herd? With Perd!" among others. "30 Rock's" "Rural Juror" also got a shout-out.

In a similar vein, Netflix got overly specific with a few of its categories (we're fans of shows with defiantly crossed arms).

And the Warner Bros. PR team released a too good to be true announcement that they would be building a real replica of "Suburgatory's" Chatswin in upstate New York, with star Ana Gasteyer getting in on the action and pretending to relocate there with her family:

And here at The Huffington Post, HuffPost Comedy paid multiple tributes to the masterful work of Rob Lowe, which is less of a prank and more of a valid observation about a bonafide national treasure.

What were your favorite April Fools' Day jokes? Did you fall for any?

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