Peter Dinklage Is Naked, Afraid And Not Tyrion Lannister On 'Saturday Night Live'

The full Dinklage.

If the celebrity diving series "Splash" made it on the air, then "Naked and Afraid: Celebrity Edition" should most definitely be a thing. 

"Saturday Night Live" sought inspiration from the gross and yet completely watchable Discovery Channel series this weekend, dropping host Peter Dinklage and cast member Leslie Jones in the wilderness sans clothing. 

Wanting to "test his limits and challenge himself," Dinklage was no match for Jones, who arrived fully in the nude only to immediately compliment the "Game of Thrones" actor on his apparently impressive package. 

Jones, who refused to call Dinklage by any other name than Tyrion Lannister, proved to be the worst possible companion in the wild, bringing hot sauce as her one survival item, unapologetically hitting on Dinklage throughout and, at one point, even trying to eat him.

But after 21 days together, the two overcame their differences and ended the journey with the most intimate of embraces. 

We ship it.



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