Peter Drakos, Detroit Car Salesman, Wins 250,000 Prizes At Carnivals, Gives Them Away To Charity (VIDEO)

WATCH: Detroit Man Wins 250,000 Prizes At Carnival Games, Gives Them All Away

Being able to win thousands of stuffed toys at carnival games is one of those talents that falls into the 'weird, and largely useless' category.

But Detroit resident Peter Drakos has taken that ability and turned it into a force of good.

Drakos, 64, isn't simply good at carnival games -- he is insanely, incredibly, unbelievably good at them. At the age of 9, he won enough stuffed animals to give one to every one of the 200 children at his school, according to CBS.

Fifty five years later, the car salesman -- who likes to go by the moniker of Peter Magic -- is so good at the 'bottle throw' and the 'ring toss' that at carnivals across the country, the staff have limited the number of prizes that a single player can win. "I don't want to say it's all because of me, but it's all because of me," Drakos told CBS.

But his favorite is flipping a quarter on a plate, according to American Way magazine.

Drakos says it is like free-throws in basketball. "The trick is to throw the quarter up in the air for height. The higher you throw it, the straighter it will come down," he told American Way.

One of his best performances, he says, was at the Michigan State Fair in 1982. "In 15 minutes, I won 32 human-sized bears and they closed down the booth," Drakos told the magazine.

So what does Drakos do with all of the toys?

He gives them away.

Drakos says that he has won an average of 5,500 stuffed animals every year since 1972. According to CBS, he has donated almost 250,000 toys to over 50 charities. "I am in awe that something he is so talented at makes other people so happy," his wife Veronica told American Way.

"When you see the faces of these kids, it really is worth it," Drakos' co-worker, Dana Tidwell told American Way.

Drakos agrees: "Sometimes it brings tears to your eyes because you know that they're really happy."

Read the full story at American Way here.

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