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Talking With Peter Maass About Stephen Kim's Heartbreaking Story

Stephen Kim's story is heart-shattering: the 47-year-old immigrant from South Korea built a prosperous life for himself in the U.S., holding a prestigious job in the State Department as an expert on North Korea and having a family. Then he spoke to reporter James Rosen, and thanks to the Espionage Act, his life is basically ruined.

Over at The Intercept, Peter Maass dug deep into Kim's life and how he wants to rebuild it, though he has little idea how that can or will be done. Kim was jailed for talking to Rosen. He lost his family and any shot of getting a job with the government ever again.

Maass stopped by HuffPost Live on Wednesday morning to chat with host Alyona Minkovski about his piece and what lies next for Kim. Catch the full interview above.

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