For Pete's Sake! HuffPost Commenters Declare Their Love For Budget Director Orszag (SLIDESHOW)

Ask and you shall receive! When we posed the question "Who's the hottest person in the White House?" last Wednesday, we neglected to include Obama's Budget Director Peter R. Orszag, and a number of commenters were not gonna let that slide.

For example, givepeace05401 said:

Ladies and gentlemen,

Introducting the sexist man in the White House (other than the President)... OMB Director Peter Orszag!!!!!

Davonne Rushing responded:

I was hoping his name would be in the poll but it wasn't. My sister wanted to vote for him.

Jaxy remarked:

Yup, that Peter Orszag is a definite cutie. Smart and debonair too.

thegiantpaperpanda wrote:

I think they're all pretty appealing in their own ways. But hey! Where's ORZAG! [sic];-)

To which wineandjazz replied:

Yes!! He's really cute too! Thanks for mentioning him.

So before we announce the winner of White House's Hottest this Wednesday--and you can still cast your vote here!--we offer this White House Hottest Honorable Mention to Mr. Orszag. Scroll down for the slideshow.

Read a lot more about Peter Orszag here.