Peter Orszag Leaving? Budget Director May Exit Soon, Bloomberg News Reports

White House Budget Director Peter Orszag may become the first member of Barack Obama's cabinet to leave, Bloomberg reports.

Orszag will make his decision soon, according to a person familiar with the matter, Bloomberg BusinessWeek will report in its April 26 issue. The 41-year-old budget director had been signaling to White House officials that he didn't plan to remain for the next budget cycle, the person said. [...]

Still, Obama was adamant that Orszag stay, the person said. Orszag associates, who only a few weeks ago thought his leaving this year was a certainty, now say they wouldn't be surprised if he stays for another year.

A spokesperson for the Office of Management and Budget told Reuters that the Bloomberg report was "idle speculation," saying that Orszag is "focused on his job."

Orszag has earned a reputation as a devoted, hard-working deficit hawk, and he played an instrumental role in crafting two of Obama's key legislative accomplishments, the economic stimulus package and the health care reform bill.

He drew a bit of bad publicity, however, after news emerged that he had broken off a relationship with his pregnant girlfriend and become engaged to another woman, ABC News correspondent Bianna Golodryga.