Peter Pan got It Wrong

When I grow up I am going to be rich. Have money falling out of my pockets to buy everything my heart desires. Oceanfront houses, exotic cars, and beautiful women. And here come the mortgages, maintenance, and visa bills. I can hardly wait. Eh, maybe not so much.

But I will have a career I love. Helping people solve their life challenges. Being adored by the masses for my critical thinking and astute observations. Book deals, lecture circuits and adorning fans. With their problems that weigh on your mind all of the time. Did I lead them in the right way? Help them live better lives? Hard to say. Seems like work itself is a barrier to fulfillment. Probably over-rated. Insert Powerball lottery ticket here.

But wait, I can vote! Really make a difference by helping to change the world with better thinkers than me. Leaders that can solve the world problems. Have you seen the current crop? Best of the worst. Deportations and wall? Really, not so much. Where do we find these slugs?

Ah, but I will be loved! Have an adoring wife, kids that hang on my every word, perfect in every way. Someone to snuggle with and have amazing sex. Well the kids can be amazing, but where is that divorce decree again?

Twenty-one might be a winning hand in blackjack but is it in life? If you get the right cards and bet the right amount you can win. The right time, the right decision... hit me! But most of the time you go bust. Damn, the dealer had an ace in the hole.

We live in an imperfect world with imperfect choices. Dreams change, expectations drift away. Our wants and wishes diminish. Even for the dreamers like me. Today I won't think about all of what I don't have... I'll do the math and count my blessings. My life is good, my kids are amazing, and most days I enjoy my job. I have some money in my pocket, food on the table, and can dream of naked supermodels.

I will be happy... I think. As long as I don't think too hard and get lost in pondering. There is always a reason not to be happy. But if you spend your time contemplating unhappy, happiness will always be a dream. Dreams are fantastic, we always have them. But don't dream your life away. Reality is better than being on the wrong side of the sod. Most days are average but that's what average is.

But it's really going to be something, when I grow up.