Peter Picks His Final Four

The hosts of our “Here to Make Friends” podcast hand out superlatives from Week 7 of “The Bachelor.”

The hosts of “Here to Make Friends” are ready to meet your family. Emma Gray and Leigh Blickley take on the season’s last episode before visits to the finalists’ hometowns, including the least likely to win a poetry award, the woman with the best read on Peter, and who’s most likely to jet off to Peru and save Peter’s love story once and for all. 

The forehead bandage might be off, but we’re still feeling the sting. Peter kicks the religion can down the road at dinner with Madison. Later, Natasha gets a one-on-one (finally) but not a rose (his loss). Meanwhile, Victoria picks a spat, Hannah Ann waxes poetic — sort of — and Kelley wants relationships to be fun, earning her a last-minute villain edit and a car ride home.