Peter Rosello, 'Real Housewives Of Miami' Son, Pleads Not Guilty For Homeless Assault (VIDEO)

Peter Rosello is pleading not guilty on assault charges despite having filmed himself punching a homeless man in the crotch.

An attorney for Rosello, whose mother is "Real Housewives of Miami" season one star Alexia Echevarria, entered the plea in court Friday, CBSMiami reports. The 22-year-old aspiring model is accused of punching 62-year-old Gary Lee Brown in the groin, which carries a felony battery with prejudice charge in the state of Florida.

Rosello can be seen introducing a 35-second video that was posted to YouTube and subsequently on his Facebook account. First picked up by Gossip Extra, it became known to investigators when TMZ called Miami Beach Police to determine if the assault happened locally.

Rosello introduces the video, titled "Hobo Gets Nutchecked!!!!," by explaining to the camera he will be "punching a hobo in the nuts" -- and then approaches Brown as he sleeps in a doorway before striking him and running away.

The original video of the assault has since been removed from Rosello's Facebook page, though it is still on YouTube (see above). When found by police, Brown said he wanted to press charges.

Rosello could face up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine, if convicted. His next court date is scheduled for November 29, CBS reports.