Peter Salovey: 'The Challenge Is That College Education Costs A Lot'

Peter Salovey, President of Yale University, told HuffPost Live at Davos he's concerned about the affordability of education in the states.

In a Wednesday interview at the World Economic Forum, Salovey said "the challenge is that college education costs a lot."

"It troubles me deeply that for a middle class student -- let alone a working class student -- if they're admitted to a place like Yale University, their families will pay less for that college education than typically if they went to the university in their own state as in-state tuition payers. That is a challenging model," Salovey said. "I think we are living in a time where states have not been able to invest in higher education the way they once did."

Salovey said he sees "the anxiety of our students who worry about careers and worry about jobs far more" than the previous generation did.

"We have to provide a lot more support in helping students to develop the ability to get those jobs," Salovey said.

See a video of Salovey's interview above, and see more from Davos below: