Peter The Elephant Plays With Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone (VIDEO)

WATCH: Elephant Plays With A Smartphone!

Attention: An elephant is playing with a smartphone.

Need we say more?

Peter the elephant channels his inner techie and spends the day playing with a Galaxy Note phone in what's likely a clever advertisement for Samsung.

The clip shows the giddy elephant using its trunk to browse through photos, play the xylophone and even sketch a picture on the phone's large display. (Impressive, huh?)

Some might be skeptical of Peter's awesome smartphone skills, but the clip's description states the video is authentic. And, boy, we really, really want to believe it.

Doubts aside, Peter's certainly not the first tech-savvy animal to play with pricey electronics.

Last year, a bearded dragon attempted to snag a virtual snack by playing "Ant Crusher." Sure, the animal's efforts were futile, but the reptile remained determined to rack up a decent score. A certain bullfrog, however, was less than amused by the tease and wasn't afraid to let its owner know it.

As for Peter the elephant, we just hope he can learn to readjust to life without fancy gadgets.

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