The One-Month Experiment Guaranteed To Clear Your Kitchen Clutter

Kitchens have the tendency to become overrun with small appliances, pots and pans, cookbooks and various culinary gadgets, but it's what you don't see that might actually be causing your biggest clutter issue.

Hidden away in kitchen drawers are often piles of items that you may or may not use. A garlic peeler, five different tongs, a slotted spatula -- do you really need them or are they just taking up space on the off-chance that you might find them useful one day? To answer that very question, organizing expert Peter Walsh has a super simple experiment that anyone can do. All it requires is a cardboard box and one months' time.

"Grab a cardboard box or any suitable container," Walsh instructs in the above video. "Take all of those gizmos out of the drawers. All of them."

Put each item into the cardboard box, and then go about your regular daily business for the next 28-30 days -- with just one minor change.

"For the next month, every time you use one of these items, put it back in the drawer," Walsh says. "At the end of the four weeks, whatever's still in the box, you should consider getting rid of, because you're probably never going to use it."

Of course, there is the occasional exception like a turkey baster or other seasonal item. Otherwise, though, this experiment is one of the most no-fuss ways to manage clutter.

"It's a simple, easy technique to get your kitchen organized," Walsh says.

Bonus tip: When it comes to the "one day I might need it" mentality, learn how to tell the difference between out-of-control clutter and practical planning for the future.

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