Peter Walsh's Simple Rule For Setting Up An Efficient, Organized Kitchen

"What's the point of being organized if it doesn't make your life just that little bit easier?"

This is organizing expert Peter Walsh's chief philosophy, and it has guided him for years as he has cut down clutter in the lives and homes of people across the country. Organization is all about efficiency and ease, and as Walsh has shown time and again, it doesn't have to be a major process. In fact, some of the simplest organization tricks can have the biggest impact.

Take the kitchen, for example. In many homes, the kitchen is the center of it all -- and, therefore, a big clutter trap. But getting your kitchen into a more organized state doesn't require a big effort. In the above video, Walsh shares his biggest tip for making cooking and meal prep much easier and more efficient, whether you're cooking for just yourself or a large party.

"Imagine the main preparation area in your kitchen as a triangle. I call it the 'magic triangle,'" Walsh says. "That's the area determined by the stovetop or oven, the sink and the refrigerator."

peter walsh kitchen triangle

"Everything that you use most often should be in or around the edges of that triangle," he continues. "Anything else should not be in that area."

For example, near the stovetop should be the pots and pans you use most often; near the sink, the items you frequently use for clean-up.

"Just having those things in this area -- a little organization -- will really save you a ton of time and a ton of energy," Walsh explains. "I really guarantee it."

Not sure which kitchen items you really use most often? Use Walsh's no-effort experiment to weed out your useless utensils.



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