See 'Pete's Dragon' Come To Life With This Nifty Concept Art

Elliott and his oversized friend get the live-action Disney treatment.

With Disney’s new live-action version of the underappreciated 1977 adventure “Pete’s Dragon,” the titular animal has been imagined as an out-of-this-world colossus sporting a magisterial body and a friendly face. 

The Huffington Post has an exclusive look at the initial creation of Elliott, the mysterious dragon who has lived in the woods with little Pete for years. This concept art shows early drawings by Jared Krichevsky, a creature designer who has also worked on “Maleficent,” “Edge of Tomorrow” and the new “Ghostbusters.” Check out Elliott in his early stages, compared to an image from the film below. 

Below is a photo from the movie that shows Elliott, alongside Pete, in all his regality.

Finally, watch this short video to see Elliott come to life, as influenced by Eastern mythology that treats dragons as friendly creatures. 



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