Sanders Campaign Trolls Buttigieg's Napa Fundraiser By Buying Peteswinecave.com

The domain name links to a 2020 presidential election fundraising site for Bernie.

The wits in the Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) campaign are trolling Democratic presidential rival Pete Buttigieg and his tony wine-cave fundraiser with the purchase of the URL domain “peteswinecave.com.” 

The curious who click on the link are led to a fundraising site for Sanders.

The stunt — noted on Twitter by Sanders spokesman Mike Casca and reported by CBS campaign correspondent Cara Korte — was a dig at Buttigieg’s fundraiser Sunday in the cellars of a Napa Valley winery. The event was hosted by the winery’s billionaire owners, reported The Associated Press. 

Photos leaked by a Recode reporter of Buttigieg’s event, reportedly largely closed to reporters, show donors dining with the South Bend, Indiana, mayor in the Hall Rutherford wine caves beneath a chandelier bedecked with 1,500 Swarovski crystals.

The Sanders campaign domain sleight-of-hand got props from the senator’s fans on Twitter — and seemed to be pulling in some donations.

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